Brief Introduction

His Holiness Shree Ashwinkumar Pathak (Guruji), formerly an English teacher in Ahmedabad, has initiated and promoted a special drive to serve as many seekers and people in society as possible by singing with them “Sundarkand” from Shree Ram CharitManas by Tulsidas.

This “Sundarkand Awareness” drive or a movement has gradually increased its popularity since its start in the year 2000, not only in and around Ahmedabad, but also in distant cities, villages, and abroad including the USA, UK, Africa, Kenya , Canada and Australia. Many seekers and devotees of Shree Ram and Hanumanji have fondly continued their periodic recital of Sundarkand sing-along path at their own facilities with the help of inspiring recordings of Ashwinkumar Pathak’s devotion-filled voice. Plenty of audio cassettes, audio CDs, video CDs, and DVD copies are available and being distributed at a nominal cost to cover for its production and other related expenses.

As this movement influences seekers in the USA, motivated volunteers are welcomed to join and share the supportive roles that will facilitate growth and further sharing of noble service to our society.

While Ashwinkumar Pathak with his team of devotees have visited many homes, temples, gathering halls, and satsang tents that included from tens of attendees to several thousands at a time, his love for sharing the joy, devotion and the moments in satsang with people from all walks of life leaves a touching experience for all attendees. This team has welcomed and respected invitations, reserving of the desired dates for Sundarkand Path in group without any charge. Lovingly known, also as Guruji to so many devoted seekers, Ashwinkumar also explains the benefit and the need for reciting Sundarkand, at the conclusion of path.

In India, his team also brings along the necessary sound system for convenience and at no charge to the gracious hosts. The strength of volunteers, devotees and generous donors have also facilitated availability of Sunderkand books (Gujarati and Hindi) to be distributed without charge to those who may wish to conduct such path on their own at other times. This growing group of seekers fondly call this movement, Jay Shree Ram Sundarkand Parivar, that requires no formal membership and makes no demands, as this sharing of wonderful names of Siya-Ram and Hanumanji with Love. Anyone may attend a scheduled path at any time, and in any place.<

Those who are familiar with various types of difficulties, natural calamities, and communal disturbances that Ahmedabad had endured through recent years, may appreciate knowing that Sundarkand Paath drive maintained its regularity without a break or delay for any to what has been a continued tradition of over 5600 days (more then 15 year)  now. This was all strongly supported by simple people in our society without any hesitation and expectations in return. Thus, the inspiring performance by one (Guruji) has propagated to many seekers who maintain their own steadfast service to the Eternal Lord through their own dedicated services.

About Sundarkand Path

Sundarkand, performed by H.H. Ashwinkumar pathak, is a musical recitation of the 5th chapter of Shree Ram Charit Manas written by Tulsidas. lt is a pious prayer highlighting the adventures of LORD HANUMAN on the mission of locating Sitaji, and ensuring Her release from Ravana. Also, it is a story of moral values that Tulsidas expounded through narrations by Shree Ram. Daily recital of this wonderful part of the scripture yield peace and better composure to devotees. Many have experienced cure from worldly problems and diseases through dedicated recitals. Guruji often says: This is a true Ayurvedic medicine, that has no side effects.

Guruji has received many responses, in writing and verbally, from people on the beneficial effects and experiences they had through path. Guruji is ever vigilant about advising seekers to benefit from path recital, and not fall for blind belief, myth or other misunderstanding such as black magic etc.

One’s wellness and self-improvement through prayer and sincere shraddha (faith/trust) in the Eternal Lord may materialize in terms of experiencing a miracle or not readily explicable to our common senses. In fact, Guruji always remind us that HANUMANJI is an INSTANT GOD with whom you can talk and He listens.

Objectives of Hari Om Shanti Charitable Trust (India)

To engage in those societal functions which directly or indirectly uplift quality of life in society at large, which may involve developing:
Meditation Center or Ashram
Medicinal Center
Educational Center
Orphanage or Old people’s house
Free Meals Center
To motivate an individual and group of individuals, corporate houses, etc. to participate in the activities mentioned above by donating their services, facilities, funds, etc. according to their wish and capacity.

Mission of Jay Shree Ram Sundarkand Parivar

To reach out to everyone, including the commonest of common people in society by serving them, and sharing the joy and benefits of reciting Sundarkand without any charge.
To facilitate imbibing of the moral values at the core of the heart and preventing potential degradation in the richness of the divine Hindu society and culture, by reaching out to as many people as possible, especially the younger generation.